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Professional Preparation
Spray Painting + Lacquer Finishing
Exterior & Interior Doors
Industrial Factory

Saunders Paint & Polishers remove all doors from your premise and they are taken to their factory. Here they are throughly prepped to remove any imperfections. This is followed by spay painting to give a perfect surface. Once dry the final coat is a Lacquer finish to ensure a hard protective coating. The doors are then rehung for you as good as new.

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Wooden Doors Speciality
NO Acid Dipping
Any Finish Catered For
Exterior & Interior Doors
Louvres & Shutters

Wooden doors and shutters require through preparation. They must go through several processes to bring them back to their former glory. This is not only time consuming you also must have expertise. We do not under take acid dipping or chemical stripping of wooden doors. And what ever your desire as to a finish
we will cater for, advising as to the requirements for any given situation.